Middle Tennessee

Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electrician

Small Company, Big Connections

Our industrial electrician performs installations, system upgrades, maintenance, troubleshooting and electrical repairs in manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.

Electric Wiring Installation

Industrial Electric Installations

We have licensed electricians who design and build plans for power system layouts, wiring and installation of equipment, illumination systems, controllers and more.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Upgrading power systems and equipment reduces energy usage and lowers costs. Our maintenance packages reduce downtime which increases efficiency and productivity.

Industrial Services


We install wiring, generators, distribution panels, transformers, circuits, conveyor systems, security systems and other equipment and machinery.


We provide solutions for all types of industrial facilities with outdated power and lighting systems, and material handling equipment.


We offer several maintenance packages to fit your specific needs. Ask about our preventative and routine maintenance to keep your facility tuned up.


Our industrial electrician is experienced in following voltage, current and resistance paths, and tracing signals through processing and amplification stages.