Middle Tennessee

Commercial Electrical Contractor

Commercial Electrical Contractor

Facility/Equipment Wiring

Our commercial electrical contractor can provide on site installations for control panels and machine wiring. Our experience with a variety of businesses prepares us to meet the most demanding of equipment installation and electrical hookup requirements.

Electrical Power Distribution

Meters & Power Distribution

Installation and maintenance for multi metering switchboards provides utility metering for multiple tenants and are the ideal solution for retail centers, office buildings or any other commercial facilities needing metering and power distribution.

Security Camera Installation

CCTV & Security Systems/Lighting

Commercial facilities take security serious and so do we, providing several options and maintenace plans for your CCTV security system and emergency and security lighting. Our electricians provide service for interior and exterior services.

Commercial Services

A qualified commercial electrician is needed for any business or commercial facility. Codes and regulations are very strict when it comes to the public's safety as are the requirements for service workers who are contracted to do installations, repairs and maintenance.

Call JC Contracting to talk to a commercial electrical contractor in Shelbyville, Tullahoma, Winchester, Fayetteville, Murfreesboro, and Manchester TN.

  • Commercial Surge Protection
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • Circuit Installation and Upgrades
  • Dedicated Computer Circuitry
  • Electrical Systems Upgrades
  • Generator Installation & Repairs
  • Shock & Fire Prevention, AFCI/GFCIs
  • Parking Lot Lighting & Security
  • Landscape and security lighting
  • Fire Alarm Systems